2022-10 Status Update

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I missed writing about my work regularly, again, so this month’s post will mostly be about what I can recall doing, at the end of the month.







This month I was mostly invested in moar_midi. There’s a lot to be done for the library to even be published. The current design has typed primitives and the messages are already encoded as MIDI packets in memory. This makes sure that no runtime cost will be incurred for encoding/decoding MIDI messages. The API is changing quite frequently but the priorities are set:

  1. Correctness
  2. Performance
  3. Convenience

So far, the library uses no_std and forbid(unsafe_code) to make sure the interfaces are minimal and sound. Implementations for traits from std crate (e.g. std::error::Error; which is unstable in core as error_in_core) can be enabled with optional std feature.

Many of the rust features I’d like to use with moar_midi are unstable (e.g. core::num::Saturating, and const fn core::option::Option::unwrap). I wish to help make said unstable rust features land in stable rust. The library will always target latest stable rust. MSRV is not yet decided, but I see value in it.



I packaged a couple of webextensions for alpine in a personal package repository. This was done to see if another way of extension distribution is possible, given Google is cracking down on ad-blockers. In the process, psykose added support for sideloading extensions to firefox in aports. This will allow any alpine user to sideload extensions should they wish to.


I tried porting mcpelauncher to alpine. After successfully compiling it, I found out that it requires 32bit mesa-egl drivers, which requires multilib support when run on 64bit. Unfortunately, multilib support is absent in musl libc. The mcpelauncher branch has the latest work-in-progress package definition.


I self-hosted kodi on a raspberry pi 3b, connected with a projector. I also set up prometheus and alertmanager for email notifications. I received a lot of emails about instances getting down due to power-cuts. So, I hosted an IRC server to receive (to be done) alerts in a designated channel instead.

After writing the post, I feel that I was more productive last month than I previously thought. This is just me patting myself on the back. ;)

Until next post. Peace.

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