2022-03 Status Update

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I started writing parts of these monthly status updates as I work, almost every other day. I no longer have to recall what I did in past month to write a post about it.

I updated the layout of all list pages (e.g. blog), along with updating categories and tags of each post. Only the misc posts (e.g. Hello World) are now categorized as misc.

Following Chintan’s suggestion, I added links to the breadcrumbs of list pages (e.g. status-update).

I no longer depend on openpgp.org to host my public-key. The keyserver worked fine, but I wanted to host the public key statically. I also started hosting WKD to let people locate the public key from my email address.

gpg --locate-external-keys contact@dhruvin.dev



I fixed an issue where the file for configured custom 404 page goes missing from future site archives published to pages.sr.ht.


I co-authored a patch with Simon Ser, that adds support for generating hut config on builds.sr.ht VMs. This was done to simplify accessing/interacting with other sourcehut resources/services using hut (via GraphQL APIs). One just needs to specify the oauth field with required scope(s) in their build manifest to opt in.

Once it was deployed, we discovered that sourcehut workers weren’t configured as expected. I added a fallback to fix it.


I started working on a POC for a new service called names.sr.ht (to be a part of sourcehut). The design is quite modular. One can add their own registrars to defer the domain registration. This was inspired from various registrar requests done on official names.sr.ht mailing list thread.


I upgraded hut’s alpine package after my hut contributions and used it in my website. I upgraded hledger* packages to v1.25, and hledger-iadd package to v1.3.17. I maintain 6 hledger packages/addons for alpine linux. Updating the cabal.project.freeze file for all of them becomes tedious every upstream upgrade. I wrote a shell script to automate these changes. Alpine uses shell scripts to describe and build packages. I absolutely love this idea. Automating writing and updating definitions for alpine linux packages becomes trivial.

I packaged hledger-stockquotes, to be able to add commodities to my journals, and fetch daily prices automatically. I also packaged hledger-interest, to calculate the interest occurred from my liabilities.

I packaged Vintage Dreams Waves to be able to play music with fluidsynth.


I contributed support for linting guixrus packages. I had to disable linting temporarily; as the task took hours to lint not just the guixrus packages, but also the official guix packages. I’ll figure out a way to select a subset of packages to lint and sent a patch upstream 1.


I updated the documentation of installing hledger (for alpine linux) with links and badges.



I was learning about OpenSCAD during last month. I was always interested in designing hardware tools that I can use. OpenSCAD allows 3D parametric design, ideally for non-organic structures/objects.

While learning its language, I wanted to work on a project. I was looking for simple designs. My wife loves gardening, so I chose to design an indoor plant pot for her. It turned out to be great. It took me a day to learn the language while working on the project.


I’ve been working on builds.sr.ht-reactos to add support for ReactOS as a build image for builds.sr.ht. There are no packaged SSH servers available for ReactOS. Without an SSH server a CI image is quite incomplete. Currently, I’ve been working on compiling OpenSSH (portable) to ReactOS. This is going to be a long term project, as there are many unknowns to it.

past projects

I moved all my projects from GitHub to sourcehut. I made some of them public.


After a year of using notmuch, I found myself not searching emails that much. I simplified my email setup by just using aerc and mbsync. Earlier, I used to run scripts to tag incoming emails appropriately, but now I just put them in folders. I plan to replace task/time warrior with something simpler too.

I felt mostly unproductive in the beginning of this month, so I did some maintenance on my past projects during that time.

Hoping to be back on track next month. Peace.

  1. 2022-04 Status Update: I fixed the issue. ↩︎

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