2022-02 Status Update

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When I used to author my website in Org Mode, I used to make it available via HTTPS, GEMINI, IPFS (with automated IPNS), and TOR protocols. This made it harder to port my website to hugo seamlessly. For past two months, I was getting the HTTPS part right with hugo. Unfortunately, I had to drop support for the rest. This month, I looked for options to publish the content to various output formats. It’s well supported in hugo and it will allow me to make my website be accessible via all aforementioned protocols.

I asked my friends for suggestions to improve the looks of my website. I incorporated them during this month. You might see those changes in this post.

I also added tags, series, and categories to the posts, which you can see below the title of this post. This will help navigate my website better. See Hello World post of my blog for a primer on this. I intend to work on list layouts of the blog, tags, series, and categories pages next month.

I started minifying and purging css files with PostCSS and postcss-purgecss plugin to improve website’s performance. If you’re reading this in a browser capable of using css stylesheets, I saved 25KB of your bandwidth. “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work”.


I was learning hugo and upgrading my website. This kept me busy and I couldn’t contribute to open source projects much.


I reviewed and corrected a merge request that upgrades todoman alpine package to v4.1.0.


As promised in last status update, I added --subdirectory and --not-found flags to hut. This will allow pages.sr.ht users to configure the subdirectory they want to publish to and a custom page for not found responses respectively.


$ hut pages publish </path/to/site.tar.gz> \
  --domain <example.com> \
  --subdirectory </path/to/publish/to> \
  --not-found </path/to/404.html>


While looking at a lighthouse report for possible improvements, a friend and I discovered that my website host returned custom 404.html page for robots.txt (as expected), but with 200 status code. I fixed the bug and submitted a patch upstream. This, along with the patches mentioned above, marks the completion of a feature I wanted.


I learned and configured hugo, and tmux. Played Minecraft and many DotA2 games with friends. Recently, I started learning Go with GraphQL, to develop maintainable APIs in future.

I started working on an end-to-end encrypted shared ledger web application called iou. It’s intended to replace Splitwise for a subset of use-cases.

I also started publishing the website’s word-list.

Thanks Chintan, Dixita, Varun, and Vatsal for your suggestions and corrections.

I welcome your feedback or constructive criticism to ~dhruvin/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. You can also visit the public archive.


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